(also case) noun
heavy, light
empty, full

His only possession was a battered old suitcase of clothes.

rolling (AmE), wheelie (BrE)

Elementary school students are now using rolling suitcases to haul their school books around.

I pulled my wheelie suitcase along behind me.

cram sth in/into, pack, stuff sth in/into, throw sth in/into

Have you packed your suitcase yet?

He stuffed a few clothes in a suitcase and left.

take sth out of, unpack
fasten, shut, snap shut

She snapped her suitcase shut and stuck on a label.

lift, pick up

The suitcase was too heavy to lift.

clutch, hold
carry, drag, heave, lug, pull

She heaved her suitcase down from the luggage rack.

We had to lug our suitcases around for a week.

drop, dump, put down
live out of

He got tired of living out of a suitcase and left his job as a sales rep.

be crammed with sth, be full of sth, be stuffed with sth, contain sth

The suitcase was full of drugs.

in a/the suitcase, inside a/the suitcase

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