1 amount of money
considerable, generous, good, great, handsome, hefty, high, large, not inconsiderable (esp. BrE), princely (ironic), significant, sizeable, substantial, tidy (informal)

It seemed an absurdly high sum to pay for a coat.

For his first book he received the princely sum of $400.

The team has raised substantial sums for local charities.

astronomical, colossal (esp. BrE), enormous, exorbitant, huge, magnificent (esp. BrE), massive, record, staggering, vast

£200 was an astronomical sum of money in 1547.

He joined the team two years ago for a record sum.

five-figure, six-figure, etc. (esp. BrE)
modest, nominal, reasonable, small, token, trifling

The charity pays a nominal sum to lease the premises.

derisory, paltry
round (esp. BrE)

€10 000 is a good round sum.

full (esp. BrE), overall, total
agreed (esp. BrE), fixed
undisclosed, unspecified
annual, monthly, etc.
guaranteed (esp. BrE)
capital, cash (esp. BrE), lump

My wife would receive a guaranteed lump sum in the event of my death.

tax-free (esp. BrE)
borrow, earn, fetch (esp. BrE), raise, recover (esp. BrE)

Some of the paintings should fetch a tidy sum at today's auction.

You will have to go to court to recover these sums.

get, receive
award sb (esp. BrE), contribute, give sb, offer sb, pay (sb), repay (esp. BrE)

The judge awarded them an undisclosed six-figure sum in damages.

How can we repay such a large sum?

invest, spend

a project that cost vast sums of public money

charge (sb)
agree, agree on

We eventually agreed a sum and I paid him.

be due, be payable (both esp. BrE)

The landlord has the right to recover any sums payable under this lease

be equal to sth, be equivalent to sth

The gangsters offered him a sum equivalent to a whole year's earnings.

exceed sth
a sum of money
2 calculation
difficult, easy

I did a quick sum to work out how much it would cost.

get your sums right/wrong (BrE)

The company got its sums wrong when estimating how many customers it would attract.

3 total
calculate, find, work out

Calculate the sum of the following figures.

sum of

The sum of two and five is seven.

greater, less, more, etc. than the sum of its/the parts

The team is greater than the sum of its parts.

sum sth up
aptly, neatly, nicely, succinctly, well
just about, pretty much

‘So we're stuck in this place with no food?’ ‘That just about sums it up.’

seem to
attempt to, try to

The report attempts to sum up recent economic trends.

be difficult to, be hard to

The appeal of this city is hard to sum up.


She summed it up as ‘the most brilliant lecture I've ever attended’.

can be summed up as

Her whole philosophy can be summed up as ‘so what?’.

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