absolute, overwhelming

Driving the Jaguar gave him a feeling of effortless superiority.

inherent, innate, natural
biological, cultural, intellectual, moral, numerical, physical, racial, social, technical, technological

a discredited ideology of racial superiority

male, white

his air of male superiority

an ideology of white superiority

air, military, naval
achieve, establish

the enemy's attempts to establish air superiority

enjoy, have

For a long time France enjoyed overwhelming superiority in this field.

confirm, convince sb of, demonstrate, prove, show, underline (esp. BrE)
assert, assume, claim, imply

The use of the words ‘modern’ and ‘old’ is not meant to imply the superiority of one over the other.


Their team has had to acknowledge Australia's superiority in recent years.


the perception that they have a superiority complex

superiority in

We should make use of our superiority in numbers.

superiority over

the company's clear technological superiority over its rivals

superiority to

The settlers remained convinced of their superiority to the native population.

an air of superiority

He spoke with an air of superiority.

a feeling of superiority, a sense of superiority

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