1 medical treatment
major, radical
successful, unsuccessful
keyhole, laser

One of his specialities is minimally invasive surgery.

elective, emergency, experimental, exploratory

They discussed whether patients should have to pay for all elective surgery.

day, outpatient (AmE)
cosmetic, plastic, reconstructive
cataract, eye
bypass, cardiac, heart, open-heart

to undergo coronary bypass surgery

abdominal, brain, gastric, orthopaedic/orthopedic, paediatric/pediatric, etc.
elbow, hip, knee, etc.
 … replacement

patients recovering from hip replacement surgery

get, have, undergo

She had minor surgery on her knee.

She had three surgeries over ten days. (AmE)

do, perform

He has been performing heart surgery for ten years.

need, require
come off (used about sportspeople) (AmE)

a left-handed hitter coming off elbow surgery

after surgery, before surgery, during surgery

She felt weak for six months after undergoing major abdominal surgery.

surgery for

emergency surgery for appendicitis

surgery on

She had surgery on her knee.

surgery to

After the accident, she needed extensive plastic surgery to her face.

2 (BrE) place/time a doctor/dentist sees patients
afternoon, evening, morning
dental, doctor's, GP's, veterinary
do, have, hold

I'll do morning surgery, if you like.

She has a morning surgery.

He holds surgery from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

attend, go to

those attending the doctor's surgery with physical symptoms

I'll have to go to the surgery to pick up the prescription.

in a/the surgery

Dr Smith isn't in the surgery today.

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