1 feeling of surprise
great, total, utter
mild, slight, some

After the initial surprise I got to like the place.


His eyebrows rose in mock surprise.

genuine, real
express, register, show

He feigned surprise when I went up and said hello.


She was quick to hide her surprise.


The president's remarks caused surprise and embarrassment.

in surprise

‘Walk twenty miles!’ repeated the old man in surprise.

to sb's surprise

Much to her surprise, she enjoyed the party.

with surprise, without surprise

It was with some surprise that I read of his resignation.

surprise at

She showed no surprise at the news.

an expression of surprise, a look of surprise

I could not believe the look of surprise on his face.

a gasp of surprise, a scream of surprise, a shriek of surprise
the element of surprise

The Egyptian team relied on the element of surprise to defeat their stronger opponents.

catch sb by surprise, take sb by surprise

The storm took us completely by surprise.

imagine my surprise when … 

Imagine my surprise when I found out he wasn't really a doctor.

surprisesurprise (humorous)

Bob turned up half an hour late, surprise surprise.

2 sth that you did not expect
big, complete, genuine, great, huge, major, real, total
lovely (esp. BrE), nice, pleasant, wonderful
nasty, unpleasant, unwelcome

I have a little surprise for you!

be, come as
get, have

I had a wonderful surprise when I saw Mark there.

give sb, spring

Johnson sprung a surprise by winning the first round.

be in for

Your mother's in for a bit of a surprise when she gets home.

ruin, spoil
announcement, appearance, party, visit
hit, victory, win

They launched a surprise attack on the Russian fleet.


Roach was the surprise winner of the £10 000 first prize.

surprise for

It was a complete surprise for me.

surprise to

His refusal came as no surprise to his boss.

a bit of a surprise, quite a surprise
hold few, many, no, etc. surprises

She feels that the future holds few surprises.

greatly, really
not at all

The outcome did not surprise me at all.

a little, slightly

It wouldn't surprise me if they got married.

seem to
want to

They wanted to surprise their mother and get the breakfast ready.

Surprise is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑move
Surprise is used with these nouns as the object: ↑observer

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