There is strong suspicion on both sides that information is being withheld.

considerable, deep, grave, great
the slightest, vague

I don't think he had the slightest suspicion anything was wrong.

dark, nagging, nasty, sneaking, terrible, worst

I have a nasty suspicion he's organized a surprise party for me.

My worst suspicions were realized when I was fired.


an atmosphere of mutual suspicion

false, unfounded (esp. BrE)

Our suspicions turned out to be unfounded.

degree, level
entertain, harbour/harbor, have

We had our suspicions as to who did it.

express, report, voice
be under, come under, fall under

He fell under suspicion of tax evasion.

arouse, cast, cause, create, draw, fuel, give rise to (esp. BrE), invite, raise, sow

Parked vehicles that arouse suspicion should be reported to the police.

information that casts suspicion on one of the most powerful figures in the party

The parked car outside only served to fuel his suspicions.

Their odd appearance invited suspicion.


She shared her suspicions with no one but her diary.

confirm, heighten, justify, reinforce

A telephone call confirmed my worst suspicions.

allay, dispel

She was anxious to allay any suspicion that she had married for money.


The suspicion exists that Harris is stealing money from the company safe.

linger, remain
fall on sb

Strong suspicion fell on the victim's boyfriend.

above suspicion, beyond suspicion

They thought the teacher was beyond suspicion.

on suspicion of

arrested on suspicion of bribery

to be arrested/detained/held/questioned on suspicion of sth

with suspicion

They viewed the new plan with great suspicion.

suspicion about, suspicion as to

his suspicions about the candidate's background

suspicion against

Suspicions against the former leader remain.

the finger of suspicion (esp. BrE)

The finger of suspicion pointed to a close friend of the victim.

grounds for suspicion (BrE)

The police must have reasonable grounds for suspicion before they can get a search warrant.

an object of suspicion

Boys were an immediate object of suspicion to her.

under a cloud of suspicion

He ended his athletics career under a cloud of suspicion.

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