(BrE) noun ⇨ See also ↑candy
chewy, jelly, sugary
cough, throat
bag, box, packet
eat, suck

I was sucking a boiled sweet.

1 tasting like sugar/smelling pleasant
be, smell, taste

The air smelled sweet and clean.

make sth
find sth

I found the dessert a little sweet for my taste.

extremely, fairly, very, etc.
a little, slightly, etc.

Is the tea sweet enough for you?


an overpowering, sickly sweet smell

2 nice
be, look, seem, sound
keep sb (informal)

He'd promised her a new car, just to keep her sweet (= keep her in a good mood).

awfully, really, terribly, very
sickeningly, sugary

a sickeningly sweet smile


She was really sweet to me.

dear sweet … 

My dear sweet sister Jillie.

short and sweet

I'll keep it short and sweet (= speak briefly).

sweet and innocent

She looked so sweet and innocent.

sweet little

a sweet little smile

Sweet is used with these nouns: ↑air, ↑apple, ↑aroma, ↑champagne, ↑cherry, ↑cider, ↑coffee, ↑corn, ↑craving, ↑cream, ↑deal, ↑dessert, ↑dish, ↑disposition, ↑drink, ↑embrace, ↑face, ↑flavour, ↑flesh, ↑food, ↑fragrance, ↑fruit, ↑gesture, ↑girl, ↑grape, ↑guy, ↑innocence, ↑jar, ↑kiss, ↑lady, ↑melody, ↑memory, ↑music, ↑odour, ↑onion, ↑orange, ↑pastry, ↑pepper, ↑perfume, ↑potato, ↑relief, ↑revenge, ↑roll, ↑sauce, ↑scent, ↑sherry, ↑smell, ↑smile, ↑snack, ↑sound, ↑spot, ↑talk, ↑taste, ↑tea, ↑thing, ↑tone, ↑treat, ↑trolley, ↑voice, ↑wine, ↑wrapper

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