considerable, deep, genuine, great, heartfelt, real, strong
little, scant (esp. BrE)
general, popular (esp. BrE), public, widespread

a total lack of human sympathy

feel, find, have

She seemed to feel some sympathy for the patients.

It's hard to find any sympathy for such an evil man.

express, extend, give sb, offer (sb), show (sb)

She expressed her deepest sympathy for him.

We extend our sympathy to the families of the victims.

She says I haven't given her enough sympathy.

demand, want

I don't want your sympathy!

look for

I'm not looking for sympathy.

deserve, need
arouse, attract, create, earn, elicit, engage, evoke, gain, generate, get, win

Their plight aroused considerable public sympathy.

He didn't get much sympathy from anyone.

go out to sb, lie with sb

Our deepest sympathy goes out to his wife and family.

My sympathy lies with his wife.

in sympathy with

Nurses came out on strike in sympathy with the doctors.

out of sympathy

She married him more out of sympathy than love.

with sympathy

Desmond eyed her anguished face with sympathy.

sympathy for

He has a total lack of sympathy for young people.

sympathy to

The government showed sympathy to their cause.

sympathy towards/toward

He acted with some sympathy towards/toward his victim.

sympathy with

She had every sympathy with him.

a feeling of sympathy, a pang of sympathy

I felt a pang of sympathy for her.

full of sympathy
a lack of sympathy
have every sympathy for sb (esp. BrE)
you, they, etc. have my sympathy

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