1 piece of furniture
big, high, huge, large, long
little, low, small
circular, oval, rectangular, round, square
coffee, folding, side, trestle (esp. BrE)

We arranged the party food on a trestle table on the patio.

candlelit, glass-topped, white-clothed
glass, mahogany, marble, metal, oak, oaken, plastic, steel, wooden
polished, scrubbed
rickety, rough

We found an empty table at the back of the restaurant.

dining, dining-room, kitchen

She often does her homework at the kitchen table.

breakfast, dinner, lunch

We never discuss politics at the breakfast table.

banquet, buffet, picnic, refreshment
cafe, cafeteria, restaurant
corner, end, window

We'll take the corner table near the bar, please.

bedside (esp. BrE), dressing, night (AmE)
bargaining (esp. AmE), conference, drafting (AmE), negotiating

They spent hours around the negotiating table.

examination (BrE, AmE), examining (AmE), massage, operating
air-hockey, billiard, foosball™ (AmE), ping-pong/Ping-Pong™ (esp. AmE), pool, snooker, table-tennis (BrE)
blackjack, card, gaming, roulette

We turned the box upside down and used it as a makeshift table.

be seated around, be seated at, be seated round (esp. BrE), occupy, sit around, sit (down) at, sit round (esp. BrE)

They were all five of them sitting around the kitchen table.

lean across, lean over, reach across
get up from, leave

He left the table in a hurry.

lay (BrE), set

Please set the table for six.

clear, wipe

You clear the table and I'll wash the dishes.

book, reserve

We booked a table at the restaurant for 8 p.m.

wait tables (AmE)
be piled with sth, be strewn with sth
edge, leg
mat (BrE)
cloth (usually tablecloth), linen, napkin
across the table

She leaned across the table and kissed him.

around the table, round the table (esp. BrE)

We gathered around the table to hear his news.

at the table

to sit down at the table

on the table

She put the vase on the table.

out from under the table

James crawled out from under the table.

over the table

They flirted over the dinner table.

under the table

The potato rolled under the table.

the centre/center of the table, the middle of the table

My father always sits at the head of the table.

the edge of the table, the end of the table, the head of the table
2 list of facts/figures
league (BrE)

The league table shows the Danish team in first place with eight points.

school league tables (BrE)

multiplication, periodic
consult, see

See Table XII for population figures.

show sth
in a/the table

He showed the price fluctuations in a statistical table.

the bottom of the table, the top of the table
Table is used with these nouns as the object: ↑amendment, ↑motion, ↑resolution

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