1 movement in sports
hard, strong

Their captain was sent off for a high tackle on Cooper.

bad, crunching, late (all BrE)
cover, scything, sliding (all BrE)
brave, skilful (both BrE)

A security guard brought him down with a flying tackle.

football (AmE), rugby
execute (BrE), make
break (AmE)
tackle from

a crunching tackle from her opponent

tackle against, tackle on (BrE)

He bruised his arm making a tackle against the Browns.

He was booked for a tackle from behind on Morris.

in a/the tackle

She lost the ball in a tackle.

2 position in American football
defensive, offensive
left, right
1 deal with sth difficult
properly (BrE), seriously
directly (esp. BrE), head-on

The drugs problem has to be tackled head-on.

effectively, successfully
attempt to, try to
help (to)
fail to

We are failing to tackle the key issues.


The problem is being tackled with a range of measures.

tackle sb to the floor, tackle sb to the ground (both AmE)
2 in sports

He can run fast and tackle hard.

Tackle is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑firefighter
Tackle is used with these nouns as the object: ↑blaze, ↑challenge, ↑corruption, ↑crime, ↑crisis, ↑debt, ↑deficit, ↑disorder, ↑intruder, ↑issue, ↑matter, ↑opponent, ↑pollution, ↑problem, ↑question, ↑racism, ↑shortage, ↑spread, ↑subject, ↑task, ↑topic, ↑truancy, ↑unemployment, ↑vandalism

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