Some players see injuring their opponent as a legitimate tactic.

devious, dubious, stealth, underhand
extreme, scare, shock, terror
guerrilla, militant, revolutionary, violent
aggressive, bully-boy (BrE), bullying, hardball (AmE), heavy-handed, strong-arm
non-violent, softly-softly
intimidation, psychological
avoidance, delaying, diversionary, spoiling, stalling

Children are adept at delaying tactics.

negative, time-wasting

The coach was criticized for his negative tactics.

campaigning, marketing, negotiating, promotional, sales
military, naval, parliamentary, police, political
decide on, discuss, plan, talk (about), work out

She decided on a stalling tactic.

adopt, apply, deploy, employ, try, use

the temptation to use underhand tactics

They were desperate enough to try shock tactics.

resort to, stoop to

I refuse to stoop to such bullying tactics.

change, rethink, shift, switch

They would do well to switch tactics.

demand, require

Longer races demand different tactics.

pay off, succeed, work

His strong-arm tactics paid off.

backfire, fail
tactic for

Teachers learn tactics for dealing with aggressive children.

a variety of tactics

We use a variety of tactics to make learning fun.

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