awesome, challenging, daunting, enormous, formidable, great, Herculean, huge, mammoth (esp. BrE), massive, monumental
arduous, demanding, difficult, hard, laborious, onerous, stiff (BrE), time-consuming, tough, uphill (esp. BrE)
dangerous, hazardous (esp. BrE)
basic, easy, simple, small, trivial

the simple task of making a sandwich

menial, mundane, repetitive, routine, tedious
complex, complicated
delicate, tricky
hopeless, impossible
daily, day-to-day, everyday, routine
central, fundamental, important, main, major, primary, principal

The primary task of the chair is to ensure the meeting runs smoothly.

critical, crucial, essential, key, vital
immediate, urgent
thankless, unenviable, unpleasant

the grim task of identifying the dead

administrative, domestic, household, manual
handle, take on, take upon yourself (esp. BrE), undertake

Nobody was willing to take on such a thankless task.

approach, face, get to grips with (esp. BrE), tackle

How do you tackle a task like that?

begin, start
carry out, do, fulfil/fulfill, get on with, perform

I left her to get on with the task of correcting the errors.

accomplish, complete, finish, succeed in
cope with
fail, fail at, fail in
allocate, assign (sb), delegate, entrust sb with, give sb, set sb

She failed to complete the task that she had been set.

be charged with, be faced with, have

She was charged with the important task of telling the children.

be engaged in

I was engaged in the delicate task of clipping the dog's claws.

help in, help sb with
be suited to

His thick fingers were not well suited to the task.

involve sth, require sth

The task requires a variety of skills and experience.

fall to sb

The unenviable task of telling my parents fell to my teacher.

confront sb, face sb

The team have no illusions about the size of the task confronting them.

task for

a hard task for the committee

task in

one of the first tasks in language learning

be no easy task

Translating the letter was no easy task.

the task ahead, the task at hand (esp. AmE), the task before us, the task in hand (BrE)

We need to think realistically about the task ahead.

We should stop chatting and get back to the task in/at hand.

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