high, low
direct, indirect
basic-rate, higher-rate (both BrE)
progressive, redistributive

A regressive tax takes proportionately more of a poor person's income.

stealth (BrE)

a windfall tax on the profits of the last few years

back (informal)

The tax office demanded £80 000 in back taxes.

council (BrE), poll (esp. BrE)
federal, local, national, state
capital, capital gains, death (AmE), dividend (AmE), estate (AmE), income, inheritance, land, payroll, profits, property, social-security, wealth
consumption, luxury, purchase (BrE), sales, value added (= VAT) (BrE)
company (BrE), corporate, corporation
car, road (BrE), vehicle

It's time to renew your car tax.

carbon, energy, fuel, gas (AmE), gasoline (AmE), petrol (BrE)
excise, import
environmental, green
charge, impose, introduce, levy, put

Direct taxes could only be levied with the consent of Parliament.

The government may put an indirect tax on books.


the government department responsible for collecting taxes


Your employer will deduct the tax for you.

increase, put up, raise
cut, keep down, lower, reduce
abolish, repeal
claim back, reclaim (BrE)
offset sth against, set sth off against, write sth off against (all BrE)

Claims for expenses can be set off against tax.

avoid, escape

She was charged with conspiracy to evade taxes.

go up, increase, rise

Taxes look set to rise again.

come/go down, fall
be chargeable (BrE), be payable

the amount on which capital gains tax is payable

payer (usually taxpayer)

a higher-rate tax payer

preparer (AmE)
authority/authorities, man (usually taxman) (informal), office

She owes the taxman £10 000.

law, legislation, measures, package, policy, reform, structure, system
season (AmE)

April is tax season.

year (BrE)

The tax year begins in April.

cut, reduction
hike, increase
band (BrE), bracket, code, rate, threshold

Her salary puts her in the highest tax bracket.

dollars, money, receipts, revenue, yield
assessment, form, return

You have to fill in your tax return by tomorrow.

advantage, allowance, benefit, break, concession, credit, exemption, incentive, perks (BrE), rebate, refund, relief, saving

There are tax advantages to working freelance.

You will only receive tax relief on the first $30 000.

affairs, arrangements (both BrE)

His tax affairs are under investigation by the police.

preparation (esp. BrE)

Her accountant was good at exploiting tax loopholes.

dodge, evasion, fraud

He gave the Porsche to his mother as a tax dodge.

exile (esp. BrE)

She is living as a tax exile in Monaco.


The island is a popular tax haven for the very rich.

assessor (AmE), collector, consultant, inspector (BrE)
bill, charge, payment
arrears (BrE)

He was ordered to pay £2 million in tax arrears.


an increase in tax liability on company cars


He was criticized for putting a new tax burden on the poor.


By broadening the tax base (= making more people pay tax) the chancellor could raise more revenues.

after tax, before tax

Profits after tax were $562 000.

in tax

Collectively, smokers pay over £15 000 a day in tax.

tax on

to introduce a 60% tax on alcohol

for tax purposes

He is non-resident for tax purposes.

the rules for deciding on someone's residence status for UK tax purposes

the rate of tax

an increase in the basic rate of tax

inspector of taxes (BrE)
heavily, highly

Many self-employed people are heavily taxed.

goods which are most highly taxed

according to

Drinks would be taxed according to their alcoholic strength.


Many goods were taxed at 17.5%.


You will be taxed on all your income.

Tax is used with these nouns as the object: ↑dividend, ↑earnings, ↑patience

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