excellent, great, outstanding
competent, good, inspired, popular, skilled
bad, incompetent
former, retired
female, woman
school (usually schoolteacher when used on its own)

She was a public school teacher (= paid for by the government). (AmE)

kindergarten (esp. AmE), nursery (BrE), nursery-school, preschool
elementary, elementary-school, grade-school, high-school, junior-high, junior-high-school, middle-school (all in the US)
primary, primary-school, secondary, secondary-school (all esp. BrE)
college, university (esp. BrE)
first-grade, second-grade, etc. (all AmE)
head (BrE), senior

She held the post of deputy head teacher at a school in Leeds.

certified (AmE), qualified
experienced, inexperienced
in-service, pre-service (both AmE)
student, trainee (BrE)
master (esp. AmE)
full-time, part-time
substitute (AmE), supply (BrE), support (esp. BrE)
class, classroom, homeroom (AmE)
special-education (AmE), special-needs (BrE)
non-specialist, specialist (both esp. BrE)
subject (esp. BrE)
art, English, gym, history, math (AmE), maths (BrE), music, PE, science, etc.
dance, piano

I'm good at cooking. I had a good teacher.

teach sth
work with sb

teachers working with less able students

education, preparation (AmE), training

teacher preparation programs

She's been accepted at teacher training college. (BrE)

ratings (AmE)

teacher ratings of reading ability

Collocations dictionary. 2013.

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