1 work/profession of a teacher
effective, good

a system that rewards good classroom teaching

whole-class (BrE)
individual, one-on-one (AmE), one-to-one (esp. BrE)
collaborative, team
formal, traditional

the formal teaching of grammar

school (usually schoolteaching when used on its own)

secondary school teaching

primary, secondary (both esp. BrE)
college, undergraduate, university
English, language, music, etc.
student (= practical experience for people training to be teachers) (AmE)
get into, go into

He's going to go into teaching.


The aim of the campaign is to promote the teaching of science.

method, strategy, style, technique
aid, material, resource

She used puppets as teaching aids.

objective, point

Write each teaching point on the whiteboard.

ability, skills
experience, qualification (BrE)

Applicants must hold a recognized teaching qualification.

job, post

Mr Murphy retired at the end of a 30-year teaching career.

practice (= practical experience for people training to be teachers) (BrE)
profession, staff

They have left the teaching profession, demoralized and undervalued.

assistant, fellow

He served as a teaching assistant at South Dakota State University.

duties, load, responsibilities, role

Lecturers who have heavy teaching loads.

centre/center, institution
environment, situation

a teaching environment where English is not the first language

programme/program, session, year

Work experience is integrated into the teaching programme/program.

The teaching year runs from October to May.


Critics say that these tests waste teaching time.

in teaching

I've been in teaching for ten years.

an approach to teaching

the modern approach to language teaching

a method of teaching, a style of teaching
2 ideas and beliefs that are taught by sb
ancient, traditional

the official teaching of the Church


the fundamental teachings of the Buddha

biblical, church, moral, religious, social
Buddhist, Christian, etc.

He followed the teachings of the Bible on this subject.

accept, reject
explain, interpret
pass on, spread

the disciples who passed on Jesus's teaching

base sth on

the great moral teachings on which our culture is based

in the teaching

the source of goodness in the teachings of Confucius

teaching about, teaching on

the Church's teaching on forgiveness

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