1 group of people who play a sport together
home, hometown
away (esp. BrE), opposing, rival, visiting
decent, strong
successful, winning

The manager has chosen his dream team for the World Cup.

junior, senior, youth
under-16, etc.
A, B, first, second, etc.
international, local, national, Olympic
England, Ireland, Scotland, US
French, Japanese, etc.
baseball, basketball, football, relay, etc.
college, school, varsity (esp. AmE)
display (BrE)

a parachute display team

special (in American football)
five-man, five-person, five-strong, five-woman, etc.

Spain are fielding a three-man team in this race.

men's, mixed, women's
field, have
choose, get together, organize, pick, put together

Can you get a team together by Saturday?

coach, manage
be in, be on, play for, play in (esp. BrE), play on (esp. AmE)

I'm playing for the first team this week.

be called up to (BrE), be selected for, get into (esp. BrE), get on (esp. AmE), get onto (esp. AmE), make

Cole has been selected for the team to meet Italy next week.

You didn't make the team, I'm afraid.

be dropped from, be left out of
join, sign for (BrE), sign up for (esp. AmE), sign with (esp. AmE)

He is looking to sign for a Conference League team.

I signed up for the school basketball team.

He hopes to sign with an NFL team.

play, play against
enter (esp. AmE), get into, make it into
compete (in sth), take part (in sth) (esp. BrE)

The team competes in a local league.

There are six teams taking part.

play sb, play against sb
win (sth)
lose (sth)

Our team lost the final.

game, sport
captain, coach, manager, owner, president (esp. AmE)
official (esp. AmE)
mate (usually teammate)

He apologized to his teammates for his mistake.

championship, competition, event, prize
effort, performance
talk (BrE)

The lads were given a rousing half-time team talk by the coach.

roster (AmE), sheet (BrE) (= the list of players chosen for the team)
in a/the team, on a/the team

I'll have you on the first team.

Whose team are you in? (BrE)

Whose team are you on? (AmE)

team for

She's in the team for the World Championships.

2 group of people who work together

a joint team of European and North American economists

campaign, creative, design, development, editorial, investigation, management, marketing, production, project, research, sales

a member of the senior management team

legal, medical, surgical

A special team of police officers will patrol the town.


a crack team of lawyers

rescue, SWAT (esp. AmE)
assemble, build, form, put together, train

Willing volunteers formed teams of helpers to carry everything in.

a specially trained team of advisers


You and I make a good team.

head, lead, manage, run

The charity sent a team to the area hit by the earthquake.


She has recently joined our sales team.

work as

We're learning to work together as a team.

comprise sb, consist of sb

The team consisted of six investigators and two secretaries.

develop sth, operate, work on sth

the team that developed this microchip

work with sb/sth

The team will work closely with other government departments.

leader, member
player (= sb who works well as part of a team) (informal)
building, development

The survival course was intended as a team-building exercise.

chemistry (esp. AmE), dynamics

We have a great team chemistry.


It took a tremendous team effort to finish the project on time.

in a/the team (esp. BrE), on a/the team (esp. AmE)

There are 20 people in/on the team.

team of

a team of scientists

a member of a team, part of a team

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