noun from the eyes
angry, bitter, emotional

There were angry tears in Lily's eyes.

burning, fresh, hot, salty, warm

Her eyes were blinded by scalding tears.

genuine, real, wet (esp. AmE)
crocodile (= not sincere)

They weep crocodile tears for the poor, but do nothing to help.

great, huge, large
single, solitary, stray

I wiped a stray tear from my eye.

helpless, sudden, uncontrollable

His eyes were bright with unshed tears.

cry, shed (also figurative), weep

I won't shed any tears when Moira retires.

She wept silent tears when she heard his name.

brush, brush away, dry, wipe, wipe away

I picked the little girl up and helped dry her tears.

She wiped a tear from her eye.

blink back, choke back, fight back, hold back

He had to fight back tears of frustration.


I couldn't stop the tears.


He turned away to hide his tears.

break down in tears, burst into tears

She broke down in tears in court.

move sb to tears, reduce sb to tears

His father's angry shouting reduced the little boy to tears.

brim with tears, fill with tears

His eyes filled with tears.

end in tears (= to have an unhappy result)
appear, brim in sb's eyes, come, escape, fill sb's eyes, form, gather, spill from sb's eyes, spill over, spring into/to sb's eyes, start, well, well up

He could never read the letter without tears coming to his eyes.

Her tears spilled over her cheeks.

drip, drop, fall, flow, overflow, stream (from sth)

She ran out of the room, tears streaming from her eyes.

course down sth, flood down sth, pour down sth, roll down sth, run down sth, slide down sth, slip down sth, spill down sth, stream down sth, trickle down sth

A single tear rolled slowly down her cheek.

stain sth, streak sth

Tears streaked her face.


Tears glistened in her eyes.


Tears stood in Oliver's eyes.

blur sth, cloud sth

Tears blurred his vision.

burn (sth), prick sth, prick at sth, prick in sth, sting sb's eyes

She felt tears pricking her eyelids.

dry, dry up
duct, gland

The police fired tear gas at the protesters.

in tears

He came to me in tears.

through your tears

She tried to smile through her tears.

tear for

He shed no tears for his lost youth.

tear of

tears of happiness

tear over

It turned out to be a lot of tears over nothing.

bring tears to sb's eyes

It brings tears to your eyes to see them having such fun.

close to tears, near to tears

More than once I came near to tears.

a flood of tears, floods of tears

We were in floods of tears at the end of the movie.

a mist of tears

I watched it all through a mist of tears.

on the verge of tears
with tears in your eyes
wet with tears

Her cheeks were wet with tears.

noun in fabric, paper, etc.
fix, mend (esp. BrE)
tear in

This sheet has a tear in it.

wear and tear (= the damage to objects, furniture, etc. that is the result of normal use)
Tear is used with these nouns as the object: ↑dress, ↑fabric, ↑flesh, ↑gash, ↑gaze, ↑hole, ↑ligament, ↑muscle, ↑page, ↑paper, ↑sheet, ↑tendon

His clothes were badly torn.


Careful—the fabric tears very easily.

almost, nearly, practically

The storm nearly tore the roof off.

apart (also figurative), asunder (literary, figurative), off, out, up

The dogs tore the fox apart.

We tore the other team apart in the second half.

communities that are being torn asunder by crime

threaten to

The fabric snagged and tore at the seams.


I tore another sheet from the pad.


She tore the label off the suitcase.


She tore her skirt on a nail.

out of

Several pages had been torn out of the book.

tear free, tear loose

She tore herself free.

One error and he would have been torn loose and hurled overboard by the wind.

tear sth in half, tear sth in two

She tore the piece of paper in half.

tear sb limb from limb

He threatened to tear me limb from limb.

tear sth open

She tore the letter open.

tear sth to pieces, tear sth to shreds (often figurative)

The critics tore his last movie to shreds.

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