1 using your mind to think
deep, hard, serious

This topic requires a lot of deep thinking.


Yes, I'll email her instead—that's good thinking (= a good idea).

clear, logical, rational
muddled (esp. BrE)

The school would have made better use of the money with a little forward thinking.

abstract, analytical, critical
creative, independent, innovative, original

His claims to be a millionaire are just wishful thinking.

piece (esp. BrE)

a brilliant piece of lateral thinking


We have some hard thinking to do before we agree to the plan.

apply, use

The book shows you how to apply critical thinking to your studies.

encourage, promote, stimulate

She believes in encouraging creative thinking in the classroom.

We hope that her book will stimulate thinking about this subject.

thinking behind

It was difficult to see what the thinking was behind their eventual decision.

2 opinion
contemporary, current, modern
fresh, new
conventional, old, traditional
government (esp. BrE)

The latest announcement marks a major shift in government thinking.

Labour, Republican, etc.
economic, historical, political, scientific, etc.

Traditional educational thinking placed importance on learning by rote.

feminist, socialist, etc.
military, strategic
develop, influence, shape
clarify, explain

They are unlikely to have changed their thinking so soon.


His writings on motorized warfare dominated strategic thinking in the 1930s.

in … thinking

contemporary trends in feminist thinking

thinking about, thinking on

What is the current party thinking on welfare benefits?

a shift in sb's thinking

There's been a shift in government thinking on genetically modified food.

to sb's way of thinking (= in sb's opinion)

To my way of thinking, it would just be a massive waste of money.

Thinking is used with these nouns: ↑mind

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