1 sth that you think
comforting, good, happy, pleasant, positive

It was a comforting thought that at least her father hadn't suffered.

Before going on stage, I breathe deeply and think positive thoughts.

anxious, awful, bad, black, dark, depressing, disturbing, evil, gloomy, horrible, negative, sad, scary, sobering, terrible

A disturbing thought suddenly struck me.

confused, crazy, strange
interesting, intriguing

This is hardly an original thought.

first, immediate, initial

My immediate thought was that he must be joking.


Do you have any final thoughts?


Let me share a few random thoughts with you.

fleeting, passing

patients that are suffering from depression and suicidal thoughts


She occupied all his waking thoughts.

inner, innermost, private
have, think

I've just had a thought (= an idea).

He remained aloof, thinking his own thoughts.

have, hear, know

Let me have your thoughts on the report.

express, share, write down
collect, gather

She paused to collect her thoughts before speaking.


He shook his head to clear his thoughts.


She often seems to know what I'm thinking, as though she can read my thoughts.

brush aside, brush away, push aside, push away, push from your mind, push out of your mind

An image of his boss came into his mind, but he brushed the thought aside.

dread, not be able to bear, not like, not relish

She said she couldn't bear the thought of living alone in the house.

I don't like the thought of you walking home alone.

come into sb's head, come into sb's mind, come to sb, cross sb's mind, enter sb's head, enter sb's mind, hit sb, occur to sb, pop into sb's head, pop into sb's mind, strike sb

The thought crossed my mind that Jim might know the answer.

Such a thought never entered my head.

flash through sb's mind, go through sb's mind, pass through sb's mind, race through sb's mind, run through sb's mind

All kinds of thoughts raced through my mind.

sb's thoughts turn to sth

My thoughts turned to home.

sb's thoughts drift back to

Her thoughts drifted back to that night.

thought about

He lay there thinking gloomy thoughts about life and death.

thought of

He shuddered at the thought of going to the dentist.

thought on

They asked him what his thoughts were on the government's announcement.

just a thought

Would Mark be able to help? It's just a thought.

keep your thoughts to yourself

He's not the kind of man to keep his thoughts to himself.

the mere thought of sth, the very thought of sth

The mere thought of lice makes my head itch.

2 process/act of thinking
careful, proper (esp. BrE), serious

You should give the offer serious thought.

deep, profound

She is known for her deep thought and intellectual ways.


He gave little thought to the impact of his actions on his family.


He was so upset, he was incapable of coherent thought.

logical, rational
analytical, critical
free, independent, original

My job is so repetitive, it does not require much conscious thought.


We have to give the matter fresh thought.


I accepted the offer without a second thought.

give sb/sth, spare (sb)

I've given the matter careful thought.

Don't give it another thought (= to tell sb not to worry after they have said they are sorry).

Spare a thought for us—we'll be working through the night to finish the report.

direct, turn

I tried to turn my thoughts to pleasanter things.


The article was intended to provoke thought.

be deep in, be lost in

She was deep in thought and didn't hear me call her.

go into sth

Not enough thought has gone into this essay.

pattern, process

I couldn't see what thought processes led him to that conclusion.


A simple thought experiment may serve to illustrate my point.


I can see the comic thought bubble forming over your head.

without thought

They had acted rashly, without thought.

after a moment's thought

After a moment's thought, I accepted his offer.

freedom of thought

The constitution guarantees freedom of thought and belief.

a line of thought, a mode of thought, a train of thought

That line of thought can only lead to one conclusion.

He hesitated, as though he had lost his train of thought.

with no thought for sth

He ran into the burning house with no thought for his own life.

3 ideas
19th-century, etc.
Eastern, Western
intellectual, philosophical, religious, scientific
economic, political
Christian, feminist, liberal, socialist, etc.
crime (figurative)
police (figurative)

They accused their opponents of being ‘politically correct thought police’.

a school of thought

They belong to different schools of thought.

a strand of thought

three different strands of scientific thought

4 kindness
kind (esp. BrE), nice

Thank you for the flowers—it was a very kind thought.

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