1 soft part inside the mouth
loose, sharp (both figurative)

Everyone knows now, thanks to Ken's loose tongue (= he could not keep the secret).

He has a reputation for having a sharp tongue.

She could tear a man to pieces in three minutes with her sharp tongue.

poke out, put out, stick out

It's very rude to stick your tongue out at people.


He ran his tongue nervously over his lips.

bite, hold (both figurative)

She was dying to say something sarcastic to him, but bit her tongue and stayed silent.

free, loosen (both figurative)

The wine had loosened his tongue.

roll off, slip off, trip off

It's not a name that exactly trips off the tongue (= is easy to say).

hang out

The dog lay in a patch of shade with its tongue hanging out.

flick, flicker

The snake's tongue flicked out of its mouth.

lick sth

His tongue licked dry lips.

wag (figurative)

This is a small island and tongues are beginning to wag (= people are beginning to gossip).

find (figurative)

Before she could find her tongue (= speak) the door had closed behind him.

watch (figurative)

You just watch your tongue (= be careful what you say)!


I had a tongue piercing, an ear piercing, and a nose ring.

a slip of the tongue (figurative)

He said it was a slip of the tongue (= a mistake in speaking) and apologized.

be on the tip of your tongue (figurative)

It was on the tip of her tongue to refuse.

get your tongue around sth, get your tongue round sth (BrE, figurative)

He was having trouble getting his tongue around my name.

a tongue of fire, a tongue of flame

Tongues of flame licked up the walls.

2 a language
mother, native

She speaks English, though her native tongue is German.


They were speaking a foreign tongue.

in a/the tongue

She could hear the men whispering in a foreign tongue.

speak in tongues (= to speak in unknown languages, esp. at a religious ceremony)

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