1 individual tooth
broken, chipped, missing
bad, decayed, rotten
capped, gold
canine, eye (AmE)
extract, pull out, remove
have out

I've just had a tooth out at the dentist's.

knock out

I lost three teeth in the fight.


The baby's crying because he's cutting a new tooth (= a new one is coming through).

a reporter who cut her teeth working in Soweto (figurative)

be through, come through

Billy's first tooth is now through.

fall out
decay, loss

Does the tooth fairy really exist?

2 teeth set of teeth
big, huge
gappy (BrE)

She wore a brace to correct her gappy teeth.

buck, prominent

I used to be self-conscious of my prominent teeth.

even, straight
crooked, jagged (often figurative), misshapen, pointy (informal)

Her smile showed crooked teeth.

Skyscrapers rose like jagged teeth.

a vampire with pointy teeth

good, healthy, pearl-white, pearly, perfect, strong, white
needle-sharp, razor-sharp, sharp

Mink have razor-sharp teeth.

clenched, gritted

Alan hissed from behind his clenched teeth.

back, front
bottom, top
baby, milk (BrE)

I still have one of my baby teeth.

brush, clean

Sugar rots your teeth.

bare, reveal, show

The dog bared its teeth at us and growled.

The man smiled, revealing perfect white teeth.

clamp, clench, grit

He broke off what he was saying, clamping his teeth together.

She answered through clenched teeth (= opening her mouth only a little because of anger).

clamp sth between, clamp sth in

His pipe was firmly clamped between his teeth.

gnash, grind

The cat sank its teeth into his finger.

bite sb/sth, sink into sb/sth, snap together

Their teeth were chattering with cold.

flash, gleam, glint, shine

Her teeth flashed as she smiled.

against the/your tooth

He clattered the spoon against his teeth as he ate.

between the/your tooth

She answered the phone with a cigarette between her teeth.

in the/your tooth

The cat came in with a mouse in its teeth.

through the/your tooth

‘Come here now!’ she growled through her teeth.

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