chosen, selected
particular, specific

articles on religious art and related topics

broad, general, large, wide

She spoke on the broad topic of ‘discipline’.

diverse, wide-ranging

The book covers such diverse topics as diving and first aid.

central, important, key, main, major
favourite/favorite, hot (informal), popular

Pensions are a hot topic at the moment.

complex, difficult
controversial, sensitive, taboo

It might be better to avoid such a controversial topic.

conversational, discussion, essay, research
historical, philosophical, scientific, social, etc.
address, approach, broach, consider, cover, deal with, explore, focus on, look at, tackle

In the next chapter the writer focuses on the topic of adoption.

debate, discuss
speak on, write on
choose, pick

I did my best to change the topic (= of conversation).

range from sth to sth

We discussed topics ranging from foreign policy to economics.

come up

This topic comes up every year.

area, heading

There will be workshops on four main topic areas.

on a/the topic

Mr Graham will speak on the topic of dogs.

topic for

the topic for discussion

a choice of topic

She was an excellent speaker, but I found her choice of topic strange.

a range of topics, a variety of topics
a topic of conversation, a topic of discussion

His main topic of conversation is football.

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