basketball, chess, golf, poker, tennis, etc.
qualifying, ranking, World Cup
European, international, local, national, regional, world
one-day (in cricket)
knockout, round-robin (both esp. BrE)
doubles, five-a-side, seven-a-side, etc. (in football/soccer), sevens (in rugby), singles
club, open
amateur, professional
pre-season (esp. BrE)
enter, play, play in, take part in (esp. BrE)

The tournament was played under floodlights.

Several top teams have agreed to play (in) the tournament.

hold, host, organize
take place
victory, win

her first tournament win of the season

leader, winner
final, game
director, organizer, sponsor
referee (esp. BrE)
player, professional (esp. BrE)

the tournament professional at the local golf club


She retired from tournament golf last year.

in a/the tournament

the strongest player in the tournament

out of a/the tournament

The loser will be out of the tournament.

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