1 place with many streets and buildings
big, large, major
little, small, tiny (esp. AmE)
nearby, neighbouring/neighboring, surrounding
ancient, historic, medieval, old

It was built as a new town in the 1960s. (BrE)

company (esp. AmE), factory (esp. AmE), farm (esp. AmE), industrial, mill, mining

a 19th-century mill town that used to produce cotton


a busy market town

boom, thriving

Rio was a boom town and trade was thriving.

a thriving mining town

dusty, sleepy

the dusty border town of Eagle Pass, Texas

a sleepy provincial town in southern France

country, provincial, rural
county (BrE)

Exeter, the county town of Devon

home, native

She has gone back to live in her home town.

border, frontier
mountain, prairie (esp. AmE)
beach (esp. AmE), coastal, seaside (esp. BrE)

the sun-drenched beach towns of Southern California

holiday (BrE), resort
cathedral, college (AmE), market, university (esp. BrE)
dormitory (BrE), satellite

Kitzbühel is an ancient fortified town.


It's been a ghost town since the gold rush ended.

twin (BrE)

Darlington's twin town of Amiens

build, found
live in

How many people live in the town?

get out of, leave, move out of, skip (informal, esp. AmE)

He left town yesterday for a conference in Cape Town.

They wanted to move out of town and start a new life in the country.


the rolling hills that surround the town

flourish, grow
centre (BrE)
hall, square, walls
in town

They'll be back in town tomorrow.

out of town

I was out of town last week.

an out-of-town superstore

outside (the) town

a lake just outside the town

the centre/center of (the) town, the middle of (the) town
the edge of (the) town, the outskirts of (the) town
from town to town

I spent years moving from town to town.

2 main part of a town, with the shops/stores, etc.
go into, hit (informal)

I'm going into town—can I get you anything?

Millie hit the town, looking for excitement.

in town

Dad's in town shopping.

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