age-old, ancient, centuries-old, deep-rooted, old, time-honoured/time-honored
long, long-established, long-standing
enduring, living, unbroken, well-established
distinguished, fine, great, honourable/honorable, venerable
cherished, hallowed
dominant, powerful, strong

Japan's rich cultural tradition and history

ancestral, family
indigenous, local, national, native, vernacular
folk, popular
oral, story-telling
Catholic, Christian, Islamic, pagan, etc.

people of all faith traditions

Eastern, English, European, etc.
19th-century, etc.
classical, medieval, modernist, etc.
academic, artistic, culinary, cultural, historical, ideological, intellectual, literary, military, musical, philosophical, political, religious, spiritual, sporting (esp. BrE), theatrical

This region has a great musical tradition.

democratic, liberal, radical, revolutionary

It became an annual tradition for me to ice the cake.

cherish, continue, defend, follow, follow in, honour/honor, keep alive, maintain, perpetuate, preserve, respect, uphold

Following in the Hitchcock tradition, he always appears in the movies he directs.

The locals get together every year to keep this age-old tradition alive.

hand down

an oral tradition handed down from generation to generation


They have inherited a rich tradition of music and dance.

abandon, break, break with, buck, defy, go against, ignore, reject

He broke with the family tradition and did not go down the mines.


The girl had challenged the traditions of her patriarchal tribe.

establish, start
extend, reinterpret, revive
continue, die hard, exist, remain, survive

Old habits and traditions die hard.

date back to, go back to

The tradition dates back to the 16th century.

dictate sth, emphasize sth, hold sth, say sth, teach sth
according to (a/the) tradition

According to tradition, a tree grew on this spot.

by tradition

By tradition, ships are often referred to as ‘she’ in English.

in (a/the) tradition

In time-honoured/time-honored tradition, a bottle of champagne was smashed on the ship.

He's a politician in the tradition of (= similar in style to) Kennedy.

bound by tradition

He made it clear he was not going to be bound by tradition.

a departure from tradition

In a departure from tradition, the bride wore red.

in the best traditions of sth

The building was constructed in the best traditions of church architecture.

respect for tradition

His education gave him a lasting respect for tradition.

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(of possession), / (from one generation to another)

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