1 way you treat sb/sth
favourable/favorable, preferential, special, VIP

She was given the VIP treatment after winning a gold medal.

generous, lenient
equal, fair
good, humane
sensitive, sympathetic
discriminatory, poor, unequal, unfair, unjust
brutal, cruel, degrading, harsh, inhuman, inhumane, rough

He claims he suffered inhumane treatment at the hands of prison officers.


You shouldn't put up with such shabby treatment.

get, have, receive, suffer

He had done nothing to deserve such cruel treatment.

give sb, mete out (to sb) (esp. BrE)

The treatment meted out to captured soldiers was harsh.

accept, put up with
2 medical care
emergency, immediate, prompt, urgent (esp. BrE)
first-line (AmE), primary
follow-up, further
effective, successful
conventional, orthodox, recommended, standard
alternative, holistic, homeopathic
hospital (esp. BrE)
inpatient, outpatient
free, NHS (in the UK)
private (esp. BrE)
specialist (BrE)
clinical, dental, medical, psychiatric, veterinary (esp. BrE)
acupuncture, antibiotic, drug, hormone, laser, radiation, shock (often figurative)
addiction, cancer, fertility

alcohol or drug addiction treatment

beauty (esp. BrE), hair, spa
get, have, receive, undergo

She is still undergoing medical treatment.

administer, give sb, provide (sb with)

paramedics trained in administering emergency treatment

be effective in, be used in

a herbal drug that is used in the treatment of dizziness

be approved for

drugs approved for AIDS treatment

need, require

When his depression worsened, he decided to seek treatment.

prescribe, recommend, suggest
begin, enter (esp. AmE)
benefit from, respond to

He responded well to treatment and is now walking again.

decision, option
centre/center, room
method, procedure, process, technique
course, plan, programme/program, regime, regimen, schedule
provider (esp. AmE), services
in treatment

He's in treatment for cocaine addiction.

treatment for

She is receiving treatment for a heart condition.

3 process for cleaning/protecting sth
sewage, water
facility, plant, works (BrE)
4 discussion of a subject, work of art, etc.
exhaustive, systematic
cursory, superficial
philosophical, theoretical

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