global, international, regional, union
bilateral, multilateral
commercial, trade
climate, environmental

the 1997 Kyoto climate treaty

cooperation, friendship
non-aggression, peace
arms, arms-control, disarmament, non-proliferation

A multilateral nuclear non-proliferation treaty was to be signed.

human rights
draft, draw up
become a party to, conclude, enter into, make, sign

In September 1871 Japan entered into a commercial treaty with China.

be a party to

Indonesia was not a party to this treaty.

vote on
accept, approve, ratify, vote for

All the members have voted to ratify the treaty.

reject, vote against
adhere to, support
be in breach of (esp. BrE), breach (esp. BrE), break, violate

The new law may be in breach of the Treaty of Rome.

These methods violate international treaties.

abrogate (technical), repudiate (esp. BrE)

The people felt the treaty had been imposed on them by their government.

be bound by
be laid down by, be laid down in (both esp. BrE)

the criteria laid down in the treaty

come into force

The treaty comes into force at midnight on December 31.

provide for

The treaty provides for UN inspection of all countries' weapons systems.

guarantee sth
govern sth, regulate sth
create sth, establish sth
recognize sth
require sth
ban sth, prohibit sth
end sth

In 1713 the Treaty of Utrecht ended the War of the Spanish Succession.

party (law)
amendment, changes, revision (esp. BrE)
agreement (esp. AmE)
commitment, obligation
by treaty

Certain areas had been ceded by treaty.

under a/the treaty

These arrangements under the treaty apply to the whole of Europe.

treaty between

a bilateral treaty between the US and Mexico

treaty on

an international treaty on climate change

treaty with

The government concluded a peace treaty with the rebels.

an article of a treaty, a clause of a treaty
the provisions of a treaty, the terms of a treaty
the ratification of a treaty

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