1 in a court of law
fair, unfair

The men claim they did not receive a fair trial.

fraud, impeachment (esp. AmE), libel, murder, rape, etc.

public opposition to the Clinton impeachment trial in 1999

court, jury
Crown Court, High Court (in the UK)
federal, state (both esp. AmE)

A series of show trials of former senior officials

summary (esp. BrE)

The rebels were brutally executed after summary trials.

controversial, notorious, sensational
come to, face, go on, go to, stand

He never came to trial for the robbery.

She died before the case came to trial.

A man has gone on trial accused of murdering his girlfriend.

bring sb to, commit sb for (BrE), put sb on

Four people had been arrested and committed for trial.


He is in prison awaiting trial on drugs charges.


She does not believe she got a fair trial.


As a journalist he attended every murder trial of note.


The judge ordered a new trial on the grounds that evidence had been withheld.

adjourn (esp. BrE)
halt, stop

The judge halted the trial when it emerged witnesses had been threatened.

tell (BrE)

The trial was told that death threats had been made against him.

proceed, take place
begin, open
continue, go on, resume
collapse (esp. BrE)

The trial collapsed after a key witness admitted lying.

attorney (AmE), court, judge, jury, lawyer
procedure, proceedings, process

A trial date has been set for May 10.

at the trial

More than a hundred witnesses gave evidence at the trial.

during the trial

The letters that were shown during his trial turned out to be forgeries.

on trial

She is presently on trial at the Old Bailey.

without trial

Opposition leaders had been jailed without trial.

trial by

The president faces trial by television tonight when he takes part in a live debate.

trial for

She faces trial for murder.

trial over

Three people are to stand trial over the deaths of a young couple.

2 act of testing sb/sth
clinical, experimental, field

If clinical trials are successful the drug could be on the market early next year.


Human trials of the vaccine could begin within two years.

full-scale, large, large-scale
controlled, double-blind, randomized

There's a 30-day free trial of the software available.

We've got this vacuum cleaner on ten days' free trial.

speed (BrE), time (both sports)
carry out, conduct, do, hold
take part in
have (BrE)

He had a trial with Chelsea when he was young.

demonstrate sth, show sth

The trial showed a dramatic reduction in side effects.

find sth
involve sb/sth, use sth

a trial involving hundreds of patients


She agreed to employ me for a trial period.


They are treating this as a trial run for their marathon later this month.

data, results

You can download a free 30-day trial version of the software.

project (esp. BrE), scheme (BrE)
balloon (= sth that you say to find out what people think about it before you do it) (AmE)

The President may simply be floating a trial balloon.

game (esp. BrE)

Gates played his second trial game in midfield.


The couple agreed on a trial separation.

on trial

We had the machine on trial for a week.

under trial (esp. BrE)

A new stocktaking system is currently under trial in the store.

on a trial basis

The new system will be introduced on a trial basis.

trial by fire (figurative, esp. AmE)

My first day at work was a trial by fire.

trial and error

We discovered the ideal mix of paint by trial and error.

a trial of strength

The dispute was regarded as a trial of strength by the unions.

3 experience/person that causes difficulties

She was a real trial to her family at times.

trial to
trials and tribulations

the trials and tribulations of married life

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