crack (BrE), elite
additional, extra

a division of up to 6 000 heavily armed troops

enemy, foreign, rebel
friendly, loyal

troops loyal to the government

army, auxiliary, paramilitary, regular, reserve
allied, coalition, federal (esp. AmE), government
combat, fighting
shock (= trained to make sudden attacks on the enemy)
peacekeeping, security
airborne, ground
border, front-line, garrison
deploy, mass, put in, send, send in

They are massing troops on the border.

The UN is sending peacekeeping troops into the trouble spot.

commit, provide (sb with), supply (sb with)

The army has provided troops for the UN all over the world.

pull out, withdraw

Washington is talking about pulling out its troops next year.

bring home

It's time to bring our troops home.

command, lead, order

He ordered troops to shoot to kill if attacked.

call in

The US had stationed over 300 000 troops in Japan.


We must always support our troops.

fight (sb), kill sb
be based, be positioned, be posted, be quartered, be stationed

troops based in East Timor

Five hundred troops were quartered in a town just behind the front line.


British troops serving in the Gulf

advance, march, move in, move into sth

Allied troops were advancing on the capital.

arrive, cross into sth, enter sth, land, reach sth

Iraqi troops crossed into Kuwaiti territory.

cross sth

Troops crossed the border with Georgia.


Government troops have massed on the northern border.

guard sth, patrol sth

troops patrolling the border

occupy sth
attack (sb), invade (sth), overrun sth, storm sth, surround sth

Rebel troops stormed the presidential palace.

fire on sb/sth, open fire, shoot sb
leave sth, pull out, withdraw
come home
deployment, levels, numbers, presence, strength

Various figures for US troop presence in Iraq were quoted.

carrier, ship, train, transport
the deployment of troops, the withdrawal of troops

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