1 problems
bad, big, deep, desperate (esp. BrE), dire, huge (esp. AmE), major, real, serious, terrible

We're in deep trouble now!

current, recent
domestic, family, marital
financial, money

She got into serious financial trouble after running up large debts.

legal, political
back, hamstring (sports), heart, etc.
boyfriend, girl, man, etc.

He was obviously upset, and muttered something about girlfriend trouble.

car, engine
foul (AmE) (in basketball)

Most of the game we were in foul trouble.

mean, spell

She knew that a hygiene inspection could spell trouble for her restaurant.

have, suffer from

He has had back trouble since changing jobs.

get (yourself) into, run into

The company soon ran into financial trouble.

keep out of, stay out of
cause, lead to

The printer's causing trouble again.

forget, leave behind, put behind you

They are hoping to leave their recent troubles behind.

He put his past troubles behind him and built up a successful new career.


Trouble often comes when you're least expecting it.

begin, start

Her troubles began last year when she lost her job.

in trouble

When she saw the teacher coming she knew she was in big trouble.

trouble for

He got into trouble for not doing his homework.

trouble with

I've had endless trouble with my car.

He is in trouble with the law again.

a cause of trouble, a source of trouble
a history of … trouble

She has a history of back trouble.

have trouble doing sth

I've had trouble sleeping recently.

He was having trouble breathing.

in times of trouble

In times of trouble she always turns to her mother.

teething troubles (figurative, esp. BrE)

After some teething troubles, the system is now up and running.

trouble ahead

I can see trouble ahead.

2 arguing/violence
crowd (esp. BrE)
cause, make

He had a reputation for making trouble in the classroom.


Just don't start any trouble.

be asking for, be looking for, court, stir up

He was asking for trouble when he insulted their country.

Fans wandered the town after the match looking for trouble.


Look, we don't want any trouble, so we'll leave.

be brewing

There was trouble brewing among the workforce.

begin, blow up (BrE), flare (BrE), start

Trouble blew up when the gang was refused entry to a nightclub.

We left before the trouble started.


Extra journalists have been sent to the main trouble spots.

trouble between

trouble between the races

3 extra work
considerable, enormous (esp. BrE), great

They went to enormous trouble to make her stay a pleasant one.

bring (sb), cause (sb), give sb, make, put sb to

I don't want to make trouble for her.

I don't want to put you to any trouble.

go to, take

We took the trouble to plan our route in advance.

be worth

Do you think it's worth the trouble of booking seats in advance?

save sb

Why don't we bring a pizza to save you the trouble of cooking?

thank sb for

Thank you very much for all your trouble.

be more trouble than it's worth

Growing your own vegetables is more trouble than it's worth.

deeply, greatly

This latest news troubled him deeply.

be sorry to, hate to

I hate to trouble you, but could you move your car?

be troubled with sth

He has been troubled with a knee injury.

Trouble is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑conscience, ↑injury
Trouble is used with these nouns as the object: ↑conscience

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