1 right or correct
be, ring, seem, sound

Her explanation doesn't ring quite true.


All her wishes came true.

It was like a dream come true.


This principle holds true for all states.


We hope that this will prove true.

especially, particularly, very

This is particularly true of older women.

absolutely, completely, perfectly, quite, totally

It's perfectly true that I didn't help much, but I was busy.

certainly, clearly, demonstrably, indisputably, obviously, undeniably, unquestionably

While this is certainly true for some, it is not the case for others.

definitely, surely, undoubtedly

That is undoubtedly true.

actually, indeed, in fact, really

This is in fact true in most situations.

by no means, far from, not at all

This degree of inequality was by no means true of all 19th-century marriages.

‘That's not true at all,’ he said firmly.

hardly, not completely, not entirely, not exactly, not necessarily, not quite, not really, not strictly

It's hardly true to call your job a ‘profession’.

That's not strictly true, I'm afraid.

almost, basically, essentially, generally, largely, more or less, partially, partly, pretty much

The story is more or less true.

factually, objectively

It is literally true that I never heard of him until I was in my late twenties.


While technically true, this is unfair.

doubly, equally

What applies at a local level holds doubly true at a national level.

What is true for buyers is equally true for sellers.

2 faithful

I have never felt more true to myself.

remain, stay

He has stayed true to his word.


She stayed true to her principles.

true to your word

He was true to his word, and turned up on time.

True is used with these nouns: ↑account, ↑allegation, ↑allegiance, ↑appreciation, ↑artist, ↑believer, ↑cause, ↑centre, ↑champion, ↑character, ↑classic, ↑compassion, ↑confession, ↑connoisseur, ↑copy, ↑cost, ↑creativity, ↑culprit, ↑danger, ↑democracy, ↑destiny, ↑devotee, ↑emergency, ↑emotion, ↑enemy, ↑equality, ↑essence, ↑explanation, ↑extent, ↑face, ↑fact, ↑faith, ↑fan, ↑fashion, ↑father, ↑feeling, ↑figure, ↑follower, ↑freedom, ↑friend, ↑friendship, ↑gem, ↑genius, ↑gentleman, ↑greatness, ↑grit, ↑happiness, ↑heart, ↑heir, ↑hero, ↑heroism, ↑horror, ↑humanity, ↑identity, ↑independence, ↑indication, ↑inspiration, ↑integration, ↑intention, ↑interpretation, ↑intimacy, ↑joy, ↑leader, ↑leadership, ↑liberation, ↑love, ↑meaning, ↑measure, ↑merit, ↑miracle, ↑motivation, ↑motive, ↑name, ↑nature, ↑north, ↑number, ↑origin, ↑partnership, ↑perspective, ↑picture, ↑pioneer, ↑potential, ↑professional, ↑prophet, ↑proposition, ↑purpose, ↑reconciliation, ↑reflection, ↑relationship, ↑religion, ↑repentance, ↑representation, ↑romance, ↑romantic, ↑self, ↑sense, ↑significance, ↑spirit, ↑star, ↑story, ↑tale, ↑talent, ↑tenderness, ↑test, ↑testament, ↑turning point, ↑understanding, ↑value, ↑villain, ↑vocation

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