1 what is true
absolute, gospel (informal), honest (informal), real

She takes everything she reads in the paper as gospel truth.

complete, entire, full, whole

It still doesn't make sense to me—I don't think he's told us the whole truth.

exact, literal
naked, plain, simple

The simple truth is he's lost his job.

pure, unvarnished

the plain unvarnished truth

hidden, secret

the hidden truth behind the events of the last four years

awful, bitter, brutal, cruel, dreadful, grim, hard, harsh, horrible, painful, sad, shocking, terrible, ugly, uncomfortable, unfortunate, unpalatable (esp. BrE), unpleasant, unwelcome

the shocking truth about heroin addiction among the young

The sad truth is he never loved her.

factual, objective
empirical, historical, moral, poetic, psychological, religious, scientific, spiritual

It's a good movie but contains little historical truth.

divine, revealed

the revealed truth of God

element, germ, glimmer, grain, kernel, nugget, ounce, shred

There may have been a grain of truth in what he said.


So now you know the truth.

If the truth be known, I was afraid to tell anyone.

admit, convey, expose, speak, tell (sb)

He was reminded of his duty to speak the truth when questioned in court.

I'm sure she's telling the truth.

To tell you the truth, I'm rather dreading his return.

establish, discern, discover, find out, get, get at, get to, learn, reveal, uncover

She was determined to discover the truth about her boss.

We're going to try to get the truth out of this boy.

The journalist protested that he was only trying to get at the truth.


a man on a journey seeking the truth about God and humanity

accept, acknowledge, face (up to), grasp, realize

He realized the truth in Adam's words.


The police doubt the truth of his statement.

conceal, cover up, hide, suppress

You've been hiding the truth from me!


Dare anyone deny the truth of what we have said?

bend, distort, stretch, twist

Lawyers distorted the truth about the deal.


He was too fragile to handle the truth.

be, lie

We are examining the matter to see where the truth lies.

come out, emerge

Almost at the end of the letter the cruel truth emerged.

dawn on sb

The awful truth suddenly dawned on her.

in truth

She laughed and chatted but was, in truth, not having much fun.

truth about

She would later find out the truth about her husband.

truth behind

What's the truth behind all the gossip?

truth in

There is no truth in these allegations.

an/the arbiter of truth

They claim to be the arbiters of sacred truth.

be economical with the truth (= not to tell the whole truth) (esp. BrE)
moment of truth

Finally the moment of truth will be upon you.

nothing could be further from the truth

I know you think she's mean, but nothing could be further from the truth.

the pursuit of (the) truth

They were motivated by the pursuit of the truth.

the quest for (the) truth, the search for (the) truth
a ring of truth

His explanation has a ring of truth to it.

a seeker after truth (literary)

seekers after divine truth

a semblance of truth
the truth of the matter

The truth of the matter is we can't afford to keep all the staff on.

the truth will come out, the truth will out (saying)
2 fact that is true
basic, central, common, essential, eternal, fundamental, general, great, immutable, important, profound, simple, timeless, ultimate, universal

in search of the eternal truths of life

obvious, self-evident, undeniable

We hold these truths to be self-evident … 


the deeper truths that often go unspoken

half, partial

His evidence was a blend of smears, half truths and downright lies.

harsh, home, painful, uncomfortable, unpalatable (esp. BrE), unpleasant, unwelcome

It's time we told him a few home truths about sharing a house.

moral, philosophical, scientific
biblical, divine, spiritual, theological, transcendent

Science, like theology, reveals transcendent truths about a changing world.

establish, reveal, uncover
tell sb
accept, acknowledge, face up to
truth about

She was forced to face up to a few unwelcome truths about her family.

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