1 (esp. BrE) teaching
individual, one-to-one, personal

The foreign students receive free tuition and accommodation.


The students get expert tuition in small groups.

language, music, etc.
give (sb), offer (sb), provide (sb with)
get, have, receive

the controversy over university tuition fees

under sb's tuition

She had become expert in Chinese cooking under the tuition of her aunt.

tuition for

tuition for beginners

extra tuition for the exams

tuition from

He is receiving tuition from a well-known artist.

tuition in

tuition in Italian

2 (AmE) money paid for teaching at college, etc.
college, university

How can we make college tuition affordable for everyone?

in-state, out-of-state

They pay full tuition.

afford, cover, pay, raise

He won't be able to finish his education unless someone pays his tuition.

rate (AmE)
hike, increase (both AmE)
assistance (AmE)

The program includes about $5 000 in tuition assistance.

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