1 act of turning sb/sth around
complete, full, half, quarter

It slowly spun for three complete turns.

a full turn of the handle to the right

90-degree, 180-degree, etc.

a quick turn of his head


He quickly gives the handle a slight turn.

give sth

Give the knob a turn.

2 change of direction
left, left-hand, right, right-hand
abrupt, sharp, tight

Tinker makes the tight turns look easy.

three-point (see also U-turn)
handbrake (BrE)
flip (AmE) (in swimming)

Every time she did a flip turn, she made a large splash.

do, make, negotiate

She stopped talking as she negotiated a particularly sharp turn.


Syd executed each turn perfectly.

at every turn (figurative)

At every turn I met with disappointment.

a turn to the left, a turn to the right

He made a sudden turn to the right.

twists and turns (figurative)

It's impossible to follow all the twists and turns of the plot.

3 (esp. AmE) bend/corner in a road ⇨ See also ↑turning
hairpin (AmE), tight

The car skidded around a hairpin turn.

There was a screech as the car rounded a tight turn.

make, take

He took a wrong turn and ended up on the coast road.

approach, enter, round

Slow down as you enter the turn

a turn on the left, a turn on the right

Take the next turn on the right.

twists and turns

a road full of twists and turns

4 time when you must or may do sth
have, take

Can I have a turn?

I'll take a turn making the dinner—you have a rest.

The children took turns on the swing.


If you can't put any cards down you have to miss a turn.

give sb

Give Sarah a turn on the swing.

await, wait

Be patient and wait your turn!

come to

By the time it came to my turn to sing, I was very nervous.


When my turn finally came, I was shaking with nerves.

in turn (= one after the other)

They gave their names in turn.

in sb's turn (esp. BrE)

She had not been friendly to Pete and he, in his turn, was cold to her when she came to stay.

out of turn (= before or after your turn)

Batista had batted out of turn.

5 change
abrupt, sudden

He seems to have taken an abrupt career turn with his new movie.

dramatic, remarkable
decisive, drastic, radical

Schuler's life took a radical turn when he became obsessed with horses.

different, new

The video market took an interesting turn in the mid 1980s.

bizarre, ironic, odd, shocking, strange, surprising, unexpected

The trial has taken an even more bizarre turn today.

Events took a surprising turn.

ugly, unfortunate

The battle took an unfortunate turn.


Her career took an unexpected turn when she moved to Vancouver.

mark, signal

It marks a major turn in this presidency.

by turn, by turns

This movie is by turn (= alternately) terrifying and very funny.

on the turn (= changing)

Our luck is on the turn.

take a turn for the better, take a turn for the worse

I'm afraid Grandma has taken a turn for the worse.

a turn of events

In a dramatic turn of events she took the company into her own hands.

Turn is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑attention, ↑expression, ↑face, ↑head, ↑key, ↑leaf, ↑luck, ↑mood, ↑road, ↑route, ↑stomach, ↑street, ↑tide, ↑traffic light, ↑weather, ↑wheel
Turn is used with these nouns as the object: ↑ankle, ↑attention, ↑bend, ↑boat, ↑conversation, ↑corner, ↑degree, ↑dial, ↑energy, ↑eye, ↑face, ↑focus, ↑gaze, ↑handle, ↑head, ↑hip, ↑ignition, ↑informer, ↑key, ↑knob, ↑lock, ↑page, ↑phrase, ↑profit, ↑screw, ↑sight, ↑soil, ↑spotlight, ↑stomach, ↑talent, ↑tap, ↑thought, ↑tide, ↑traitor, ↑wheel, ↑wrath

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