1 line that marks the limits of a place
northern, southern, etc.
national, state
district, parish (esp. BrE)
geographic (esp. AmE), geographical
form, mark

The river forms the boundary.

draw, establish, fix, set

The boundary was fixed just south of the farm.

fence, hedge (esp. BrE), line, wall

a boundary dispute between Brazil and Paraguay

across the boundary, over the boundary

They drove across the boundary.

along the boundary

We continued along the southern boundary of the county.

at the boundary, on the boundary

We had to stop at the boundary.

on the boundary of the two countries

beyond the boundary

She had never strayed beyond the city boundaries.

within the boundarys

within the boundaries of the old city walls

boundary between

the boundary between Sussex and Surrey

boundary with

The state has a boundary with Ontario.

2 limit

This job crosses the traditional boundary between social work and health care.

extend, push, push back

research which extends the boundaries of human knowledge


The Internet has blurred the boundary between news and entertainment.

across boundarys

His policies appeal across party political boundaries.

beyond the boundarys

This goes beyond the boundaries of what is accepted.

on the boundary

on the boundary of physics and chemistry

within the boundarys

the importance of keeping within the boundaries of the law

boundary between

the boundary between sanity and insanity

the boundaries of taste

In her performance she had clearly overstepped the boundaries of good taste.

sb/sth knows no boundaries

His passion for the arts knows no boundaries.

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