(BrE) (AmE tire) noun
flat, punctured (esp. BrE)

I got a flat tyre soon after setting off.

blown (AmE), burst (BrE)
bald, worn
old, scrap (esp. AmE), used
back, rear
nearside, offside (both BrE)

The front nearside tyre was unroadworthy.


trucks with fat tyres and reinforced springs

balloon, pneumatic, radial, snow, whitewall

an off-road vehicle fitted with balloon tyres

Her truck had snow tyres.

off-road, road
bicycle, car, etc.
change, replace
inflate, pump (AmE), pump up
deflate, let down (BrE)

Someone let the tyres down overnight as a joke.

fit, fit sth with

This car is fitted with radial tyres.

blow (esp. AmE), burst (esp. BrE)

He was going so fast he blew a tyre.


He fixed a flat tyre on his bike.


She checked the tyres and oil before setting off.


Vandals had slashed the tyres and broken the side mirror.

be deflated, be punctured, deflate, go flat
get a puncture, have a puncture, suffer a puncture (all esp. BrE)

My front tyre had a slow puncture.

blow, blow out, burst (esp. BrE)

A back tyre blew after half an hour tearing along a rocky road.

crunch, screech, squeal

The tyres crunched to a standstill on the gravel.

She braked suddenly, her tyres squealing in protest.

mark, tracks
pressure, size
iron (AmE)

The victim had been beaten with a tyre iron.

chain (esp. AmE)

For working in snow, tyre chains are essential.


She had been sitting on the tyre swing rocking back and forth.

a crunch of tyres, a screech of tyres, a squeal of tyres

He roared up the drive with a screech of tyres.

Collocations dictionary. 2013.

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