double-digit (esp. AmE), high, huge, mass, massive, severe, widespread
growing, rising
seasonal (esp. BrE)
graduate, youth
rural (esp. BrE), urban
level, rate
be faced with, face
cause, create
alleviate, bring down, cut, reduce
combat, tackle
climb, double, increase, rise, soar

Unemployment climbed above two million.

decline, fall
average sth, remain sth, remain at sth, stand at sth

Unemployment averaged 15% across the country.

hit sth, reach sth

Unemployment hit 10% in 1982.

Unemployment reached 30%.

benefit (BrE), benefits (esp. AmE), compensation (AmE), cover (BrE), insurance (esp. AmE)

New claims for unemployment benefits remain low.

claims (esp. AmE)
data, figures, levels, numbers, percentage, rate, statistics, total

The county's unemployment rate has dropped to 9%.

black spot (BrE)

This former mining town is now an unemployment black spot.

unemployment among

Unemployment among graduates is falling steadily.

a period of unemployment
a rise in unemployment, an increase in unemployment
a fall in unemployment

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