1 part of the body
left, right

The left brain controls the right-hand side of the body.

cell, tissue
stem (usually brainstem)
function, process
damage, death, disease, disorder, failure, haemorrhage/hemorrhage, illness, injury, tumour/tumor

He had a brain scan to search for possible damage.

surgeon, surgery
activity, function, waves (usually brainwaves)
in the/your brain

Doctors tried to reduce the swelling in his brain.

on the/your brain

He was found to have a blood clot on his brain.

He has sex on the brain (= thinks about nothing but sex).

blow your brains out

He put a gun to his head and threatened to blow his brains out.

2 ability to think/intelligence
fertile, fine, good, great, quick
muddled, tired

My tired brain couldn't cope with such a complex problem.


We racked our brains but we couldn't come up with a solution.

pick sb's (= ask sb for information because they know more about a subject than you)

I need to pick your brains: what can you tell me about credit unions?


It doesn't take much brain to work out that both stories can't be true.

function, tick over, work

It's important to keep your brain ticking over.


His brain reeled as he realized the implication of his dismissal.

register sth

The stopping distance includes the time taken for the brain to register the need to stop.

power (usually brainpower)
drain (= the movement of skilled people to other countries)
brain behind

He was the brains behind the robberies.

brains, not brawn, etc.

They relied on brains rather than brawn (= intelligence, not strength).

have a brain for sth

She has a good brain for mathematics.

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