elite, leading, major, prestigious, top
ancient (esp. BrE)
modern, new, red-brick (BrE)
Catholic, private, public (all esp. AmE)
land-grant (AmE)
local, provincial (BrE), state (AmE)
attend, go to, study at

He goes to Princeton University.

apply to

I applied to three universities.

I'm applying to university this year. (BrE)


King entered Montana State University in 2002.

Young people may be deterred from entering university. (BrE)

finish (BrE), graduate from, leave

She graduated from the University of Michigan in 1999.

I graduated from university last year. (BrE)

lecturer (esp. BrE), professor, researcher, staff, teacher
graduate, student
course, degree, education
fees (BrE), tuition (AmE)

the government's decision to introduce university top-up fees

those who can afford university tuition

funding (esp. BrE)
term (BrE), year
admission, admissions, entrance, entry (esp. BrE), place (esp. BrE)

a university entrance exam

There is stiff competition for university places.


His aim was to obtain a university chair.

accommodation (BrE), buildings, campus, library
chancellor, vice chancellor
dean, president, provost (all in the US)
administration, authorities (BrE)
administrator, official (both esp. AmE)
faculty (= those who teach) (esp. AmE), staff (= those who teach and those who provide services) (BrE)
staff (= those who provide services) (AmE)
hospital, laboratory, medical centre/center, press

This book was published by Oxford University Press.


All the staff are educated to university level.

life (esp. BrE)

the pressures of university life

days, years (both esp. BrE)

I often think of my university days.

at (the) university

She teaches botany at Syracuse University.

She's at university, studying engineering. (BrE)

Collocations dictionary. 2013.

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