be, feel, look, seem, smell, sound, taste
become, get, turn

Things started to get unpleasant when the police were called.

make sth

He may make life unpleasant for the rest of us.

find sb/sth

I found the atmosphere in there extremely unpleasant.

extremely, fairly, very, etc.
decidedly, deeply, distinctly, downright, highly, most, particularly

His clothes smelled most unpleasant.


a thoroughly unpleasant man

not altogether, not entirely

The overall feeling was a strange mixture of sensations, not altogether unpleasant.

a little, slightly, etc.

tests which are unpleasant for patients


He was very unpleasant to my friends.

Unpleasant is used with these nouns: ↑character, ↑consequence, ↑encounter, ↑episode, ↑fact, ↑incident, ↑manner, ↑memory, ↑odour, ↑reality, ↑scene, ↑sensation, ↑side effect, ↑situation, ↑smell, ↑stench, ↑surprise, ↑symptom, ↑task, ↑taste, ↑truth

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