1 used for transporting people or things
moving, oncoming, passing

She was blinded by the lights from an oncoming vehicle.

parked, stationary (esp. BrE)

The bus crashed into a stationary vehicle.


The thieves escaped in a stolen vehicle.

horse-drawn, motor

deaths from motor vehicle accidents (AmE)

electric, fuel-cell, hybrid
diesel, gas (AmE), gasoline (AmE), petrol (BrE)
fuel-efficient, gas-guzzling
tracked, wheeled
four-by-four (esp. BrE), four-wheel-drive
all-terrain, off-road, sport utility (abbreviated to SUV) (esp. AmE)
vintage (esp. BrE)
recreational (esp. AmE)
private-hire (BrE)

taxis and private-hire vehicles

commercial, delivery (esp. BrE), goods (BrE), heavy goods (abbreviated to HGV) (BrE)
emergency, rescue
amphibious, armoured/armored, fighting, light armoured/armored, military

a Bradley fighting vehicle


The president's car was being followed by a convoy of vehicles.

hire (esp. BrE), rent (esp. AmE)

Hire a four-wheel-drive vehicle—there are lots of spots to discover off the beaten track.

We rented an SUV.

drive, operate
impound, tow (AmE), tow away (BrE)

The vehicle was impounded as part of the police investigation.

car owners whose vehicles have been towed (away)


Sniffer dogs were brought in to follow the men after they abandoned the vehicle in a ditch.

enter, exit (esp. AmE)
break down
collide, crash (into sth)

Two drivers escaped injury when their vehicles collided.

run on sth

vehicles running on biodiesel

be equipped with sth

a vehicle equipped with a GPS receiver


tighter controls on vehicle emissions

development, manufacture, production
sales (esp. AmE)

Total vehicle sales increased 5% from last year.

crime (BrE)

Vehicle crime has dropped by 16%.

registration number (esp. BrE)

He was seen driving away and his vehicle registration number was given to the police.

the front of a vehicle, the rear of a vehicle, the side of a vehicle
the inside of a vehicle, the interior of a vehicle
2 sth used for communicating ideas/achieving sth
excellent, ideal, perfect
important, main, major
vehicle for

The play is a perfect vehicle for her talents.

vehicle of

the main vehicle of communication for students

Collocations dictionary. 2013.

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