1 decision in a court of law about whether sb is guilty
adverse, favourable/favorable

In the case of an adverse verdict, the company could lose millions.

guilty, not guilty, not proven (BrE)
majority (esp. BrE), unanimous

a unanimous verdict of not guilty

split (esp. AmE)

The jury returned a formal verdict after direction by the judge.

narrative (BrE)
jury, trial
appeal, inquest (BrE)
manslaughter (esp. BrE), murder
accident, accidental death, misadventure, suicide (all BrE)
open (BrE)

An open verdict was the only appropriate one.


The judge sent the jury away to consider its verdict.

agree, agree on, arrive at, reach

They reached a verdict after hours of deliberation.

announce, bring in, deliver, give, hand down, issue, pass, pronounce, read, read out, record (esp. BrE), render (esp. AmE), return

The verdict was delivered in front of a packed courtroom.

The coroner recorded a verdict of accidental death.

The jury returned a verdict of guilty at the end of the trial.

appeal (AmE), appeal against (esp. BrE)
overturn, quash (esp. BrE), reverse, set aside, throw out (esp. AmE)

His family always insisted that the original ‘guilty’ verdict should be overturned.


The verdict was upheld at appeal.

be in sb's favour/favor
be in, come down, come in (all esp. AmE)

The verdict came in this afternoon.

verdict of

a verdict of accidental death

verdict against, verdict in favour/favor of

We believe that the verdict against him was unfair.

the court's verdict, the judge's verdict, the jury's verdict

The jury's verdict was unanimous.

2 decision/opinion

The panel will give its final verdict tomorrow.

general, overall (esp. BrE), unanimous

The unanimous verdict was that the picnic had been a great success.

damning (esp. BrE)
verdict on

What's your verdict on her new book?

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