1 sth based on sth else
current, latest, modern, new, recent, updated, up-to-date
beta (computing), early, initial, original, preliminary, prototype

an earlier version of this computer software

demo, trial
future, later, subsequent
definitive, final

the final version of the architectural plans


A future version of the camera is currently being developed.

basic, standard

the less expensive generic version of the drug

primitive, simplified
amended, enhanced, improved, modified, refined, revamped
advanced, complex, elaborate, sophisticated

a more advanced version of the initial concept

de luxe, expensive, luxury
enlarged, larger
abbreviated (esp. AmE), shortened
compact, cut-down (esp. BrE), portable, scaled-down, shorter, stripped-down
full-blown, full-length, full-size
bring out, come out with, come up with, create, introduce, launch, offer, present, produce, release, roll out, unveil

The company will roll out an enhanced version of its operating system in the new year.

download, install

You can download a free trial version from the website.

be out, come out

The new version comes out next year.

be due out

The final version is due out in June.

be based on sth
2 play, film/movie, book, piece of writing, etc.
draft, rough

Keep a copy of the rough version of your essay.

abridged, condensed, edited, short, simplified
complete, full, unabridged

Only one newspaper printed the full version of the speech.

expanded, extended

This is the official version of the painter's biography.

unauthorized, unofficial
hardback, paperback
print, printed, published
CD-ROM, DVD, electronic, interactive, online
big-screen, film, movie (esp. AmE), musical, screen, stage, television

The screen version does not live up to the original novel.

cover (= of a song)

The band does a lively cover version of ‘Johnny B. Goode’.

choreograph, stage
in a/the version

They read the novel in its abridged version.

3 way sth is seen/done by sb
accurate, faithful
extreme, radical
watered-down, weak

Theirs is a watered-down version of socialism.

sb's version of events, sb's version of the story

She agreed to give her version of events to journalists.

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