1 trip on foot
brief, little, short

We took a brief walk around the old quarter.

good, long, long-distance (BrE), marathon (BrE)

It's a good (= fairly long) walk to the beach.

We went for a long walk after breakfast.

He's done several long-distance walks for charity.

three-minute, five minutes', etc.

It's a five-minute walk from the hotel to the restaurant.

We live just a few minutes' walk from the station.


The doctor advised a brisk walk every day.

easy, gentle (esp. BrE), leisurely
lovely, pleasant
two-mile, etc.
after-dinner, afternoon, evening, etc.

She used to enjoy solitary walks along the cliffs.

guided (esp. BrE)

We went on a guided walk of the city in the afternoon.

charity, sponsored

She's doing a 200-mile charity walk to raise money for cancer research.

circular (BrE)
coastal, country, forest, hill, lakeside, riverside, woodland (all esp. BrE)
space, tightrope

the anniversary of the first space walk

do, go for, go on, have, take

The book contains walks you can do in half a day.

We'll go for a walk before lunch.

We went on a ten-mile walk along the coast.

take sb/sth for

She takes her dog for a walk every evening.

continue, resume
take sb/sth

The walk takes two hours.

The walk takes you past a lot of interesting buildings.

on a/the walk

He met her on one of his Sunday afternoon walks.

within (a) walk

All amenities are within an easy walk of the hotel.

walk from, walk to
a walk around (esp. BrE)

I had a little walk around to calm my nerves.

2 style of walking
funny, silly
jaunty (esp. BrE)
sedate, slow, stately
do, have

She did a silly walk to amuse her friends.

He has an ungainly walk, fast with short steps.

briskly, fast, quickly, swiftly
calmly, quietly

I got up and walked calmly out into the early evening.


She had no sandals and walked barefoot.


humans' ability to walk upright

arm in arm, hand in hand

The couple walked hand in hand along the beach.

with a limp

Due to his illness, he can no longer walk unaided.

with a cane (esp. AmE), with a stick (esp. BrE)

He walked home from school.

downstairs, upstairs
offstage, onstage

When she walked onstage, the audience started screaming.

ahead, around, away, back, backwards/backward, forward, in, off, on, out, together

Jake was walking some way ahead.

along, down, into, out of, to, towards/toward, up, etc.

She walked up the drive towards/toward the door.

go walking (esp. BrE)

We went walking by the waterfront.

Walk is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑baby, ↑dog, ↑footstep, ↑ghost, ↑horse
Walk is used with these nouns as the object: ↑batter, ↑beat, ↑bike, ↑corridor, ↑distance, ↑dog, ↑earth, ↑floor, ↑ground, ↑length, ↑mile, ↑pace, ↑path, ↑perimeter, ↑precinct, ↑road, ↑room, ↑sidewalk, ↑street, ↑trail, ↑way

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