1 method/style
convenient, easy, effective, efficient, good, ideal, practical, quick, simple, useful

The best way to open it is with pliers.

appropriate, proper, right

a sure-fire way to get him to do whatever I want


The most important way to stop accidental drownings is by education.


There is no subtle way to tell someone that you no longer want them.

clever, ingenious

I would think of some clever way to get myself out of this situation.


They've explored every possible way of dealing with the problem.

alternative, different
myriad, several, various

Students develop those skills in myriad ways.

same, similar

a unique way of settling disputes


We did it the old-fashioned way.

funny, mysterious, odd, strange

God works in mysterious ways.


They have never contributed in any meaningful way to our civilization.


He learned about the dangers of drugs the hard way.

winning (often figurative)

The team got back to their winning ways with a 2–1 victory.

She isn't known for her winning ways (= for being likeable).

creative, innovative

We are searching for innovative and creative ways to solve the many problems facing us.


a cost-effective way to boost performance


There are a number of ways to overcome this problem.


Fate has a way of changing the best of plans.

explore, look at, seek

to look at ways of improving language teaching

develop, devise, discover, figure out (esp. AmE), find, identify

They believe he'll figure out a way to make it work.

create, invent

Artists began to invent new ways of painting.

change, mend

Your father is unlikely to change his ways now.


I chose a different way of collecting data.


We expect computers to react a certain way, in certain situations.

be set in

Grandma is so set in her ways.

in a/the way

Can I help you in any way?

in a certain way

In a certain way, all of that is true.

in a big way

He then started spending money in a big way.

in every way

They're different in every way.

in more ways than one

They're alike in more ways than one.

in its/your own way

He was attractive in his own way.

in some ways

It's more interesting, in some ways, to watch what's going on behind the scenes here.

a … kind of way, a … sort of way

He was a handsome man in a sinister sort of way.

one way or another

One way or another, I'm going to make it.

in one way or another

Most people are creative in one way or another.

that's one way of putting it

‘She has a slightly abrasive manner.’ ‘Well, that's one way of putting it!’

put another way

Do you remember? Or, put another way, do you know?

the way things are, the way things are going

She is content with the way things are.

The way things are going, I think that's achievable.

a way of life

the beliefs and practices of the Hindu way of life

ways and means

Newspapers have ways and means of getting hold of secret information.

2 route/road
best, quickest, right, shortest
own, separate (figurative)

He's always gone his own way when it comes to design.


This is a roundabout way of saying that nothing has been accomplished.


I'm going your way, so we can walk together.

When we finished school, we all went our separate ways. (figurative)


We parted ways once we went off to college.

go out of (figurative)

She went out of her way to help them.

keep out of, stay out of (both figurative)

Let's keep out of her way while she's in such a bad mood.

bar, block, get in, stand in

A fallen tree blocked the way.

He wanted to go to college and would let nothing stand in his way. (figurative)

clear, pave, prepare, smooth (all figurative)

The withdrawal of troops should clear the way for a peace settlement.

give, make (= allow sb/sth to go first or take your place)

Give way to traffic already on the roundabout. (BrE)

The storm gave way to bright sunshine. (figurative)

Make way for the guests!

Tropical forest is felled to make way for grassland.

edge, feel, grope, inch, make, push, thread, weave, wend, wind, work

He edged his way along the wall.

The river wound its way through the valley.

claw, cut, elbow, fight, force, hack, pick, shoulder, shove

She fought her way up to the top of the company. (figurative)

We picked our way carefully over the jagged rocks.

bluff, talk, trick (figurative)

She bluffed her way through the exam.

weasel, worm

He had somehow wormed his way into her affections.


The procession snaked its way through the town.


She lost her way in the fog.

This project seems to have lost its way. (figurative)


He couldn't find a way through the bracken.

We will eventually find a way out of the crisis. (figurative)

manoeuvre/maneuver, navigate

He had to navigate his way through the city's one-way streets.

ask (sb)

She asked him the way to the station.

tell sb

Do you know the way?

come (figurative)

Have any interesting articles come your way recently?

along the way

We saw a dreadful accident along the way.

in the/your way

There were several rocks in the way.

out of the/your way

Could you please get those boxes out of my way?

on the/your way

We stopped for a snack on the way here.

out of the/your way

The library is slightly out of my way.

way across

The way across the fields is longer but pleasanter.

way from

the quickest way from my Edinburgh to Glasgow

way out of

Can you tell me the way out of here?

way through

The way through the woods is quicker.

way to

the easiest way from my house to yours

take the easy way out

He took the easy way out and paid someone to write the article for him.

the way back, the way forward

On the way back, he invited me to his home for drinks.

the way down, the way up
the way here, the way over, the way there
the way home

We stopped for a drink on the way home.

the way in, the way out
the way north, south, etc.

We didn't stop on the way north.

on your merry way

Then he went off on his merry way.

3 direction/position

Look both ways before crossing the road.


I went the opposite way.


They've gone the wrong way.


Which way did she go?

lead, point, show

He showed us the way.


There's a huge storm heading this way.


Walk this way, please.


He looked my way, but didn't seem to recognize me.

the … way around, the … way round (esp. BrE)

Try it the other way around.

the … way up

Which way up does this box go?

way to go! (used to express approval) (informal, esp. AmE)

Way to go! I wish I could do that!

4 distance in space/time
little, short
come, go

We had to go a long way before we found a place to eat.

The study of genes has come a long way in recent years. (figurative)

way from, way to

It's quite a way from my house to the station.

all the way

This bus doesn't go all the way so you'll have to change.

the whole way (AmE)

the whole way to Arizona

the whole way through

I watched the movie the whole way through.

quite a way, some way

It's quite a way to walk to the station.

a … way ahead, a … way away, a … way off

Your birthday is still some way off.

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