noun ⇨ See also ↑site

City College's official website

favourite/favorite, popular
comedy, commercial, company, education, educational, government, news, personal, travel, etc.
search for
access, browse, check, check out, log onto, look at, read, see, visit

I was searching this history website for something about Alexander the Great.

build, create, design, develop, make, set up

We show you how to make your own website in ten simple steps.

link to
upload sth to
host, maintain, run, update
contain sth, offer sth, provide sth
be dedicated to sth, be devoted to sth

a website devoted to Rufus Wainwright

link to sth
be down, go down

There were so many visitors to the website that it went down.

address, URL
designer, owner
on a/the website

You can find details of all our products on our website.

a link to a website

This page includes lots of links to other websites you may find interesting.

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