considerably, dramatically, greatly, sharply, significantly

The gap between rich and poor has widened considerably.

gradually, slowly
quickly, rapidly

The road gradually widens out.

from, into

At this point the river widens into an estuary.


The trade deficit had widened from £26 billion to £30 billion.


Jasmine's eyes widened with disbelief.

Widen is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑crack, ↑deficit, ↑divide, ↑eye, ↑gap, ↑grin, ↑margin, ↑mouth, ↑path, ↑rift, ↑road, ↑smile, ↑smirk
Widen is used with these nouns as the object: ↑appeal, ↑artery, ↑circle, ↑deficit, ↑divide, ↑eye, ↑franchise, ↑gap, ↑gulf, ↑horizon, ↑lead, ↑rift, ↑road, ↑scope, ↑search, ↑street

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