fierce, harsh, high, stiff, strong

Rain and high winds are forecast.

There was a stiff wind blowing.

gale-force, hurricane-force, storm-force
blustery, gusty
light, moderate, slight
biting, bitter, brisk, chill, chilly, cold, icy, winter

The icy wind cut right through us.

fair, favourable/favorable, good

They set sail the next morning with a fair wind.


Adverse winds swept the boat off course.


We tried to take advantage of the prevailing south-westerly winds.

head, tail

A tail wind made the ride home very relaxing.

90 mile-an-hour, 100 mile-per-hour, etc.
east, north, etc.
easterly, northerly, south-westerly, etc.

The trade winds originate in the South Pacific.


The unmanned capsule will bring particles of solar wind back to Earth.

political (figurative)
blast, gust

There wasn't a breath of wind in the still air.


Fans braved icy winds to watch the match.


The structure is able to withstand hurricane-force winds.

blow, come, gust

The wind came from the west.

a northerly wind gusting up to 80 mph

cut through sb/sth, rush through sth, sweep sth, sweep through sth

A fierce wind swept through the countryside.

howl, moan, roar, whistle

The wind roared through the tunnel.

buffet sth, rattle sth, whip sth, whip sth up

The wind whipped up the surface of the lake.

increase, pick up, rise
die down, drop

Let's wait until the wind drops before setting sail.


The wind suddenly changed and began blowing from the north.

conditions, direction, pressure, speed

The high wind chill factor made it seem even colder.

energy, power

renewable energies like solar and wind power

farm, turbine

the cost of generating electricity at offshore wind farms

sock (usually windsock)
break (usually windbreak)

a wind tunnel for testing new car designs


I could hear the wind chimes hanging in the window.

against the wind

We were rowing against the wind.

in the wind

a flag flapping in the wind

into the wind

We were sailing into the wind.

out of wind

Let's shelter out of the wind.

the roar of the wind, the sound of the wind
tight, tightly
carefully, neatly
around, round (esp. BrE)

He wound the bandage tightly around his ankle.


She wound the wool into a ball.

Wind is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑path, ↑river, ↑road, ↑trail
Wind is used with these nouns as the object: ↑bandage, ↑clock, ↑string, ↑watch, ↑way

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