1 in a building, car, etc.
big, huge, large, long, tall, wide
narrow, small, tiny
arched, bay, bow, casement, dormer, French, lattice, leaded, picture, rose, sash, skylight, stained-glass

French windows lead out onto the patio.

The cathedral has a beautiful rose window.

barred, curtained, shuttered

All the windows in the prison are barred.

bright, sunny
draughty/drafty, ill-fitting
broken, cracked, shattered, smashed
dirty, dusty, filthy
balcony, basement, bedroom, kitchen, etc.
back, front, rear, side, top, upstairs
first-floor, ground-floor (BrE), etc.
south-facing, etc.
display, shop (esp. BrE), store (esp. AmE), storefront (AmE)
car, carriage, train, etc.
back, driver's, passenger, rear, side
electric (BrE), power (AmE)
frosted, tinted

a limousine with tinted windows

gaze out (of), glance out (of), look out (of), peer out (of), see out (of), stare out of

It was raining so hard I could scarcely see out of the window.

look in

I found her looking in the window of a department store.

gaze (in) through, look (in) through, peer (in) through, see (sb/sth) through, stare through
lean out of, stick your head out of
knock on, rap on, tap on

We tapped on the window to get their attention.

fling open, force (open), open, throw open

There was evidence that the window had been forced.

roll down, wind down

I rolled down the window to ask for directions.

close, roll up, shut
clean, wash
break, shatter, smash
blow out

All the windows were blown out with the force of the blast.

close, open

How does the window open?

break, shatter, smash
flash, gleam, glint, glow, shine

The windows glinted in the sunlight.

steam up

The windows all steam up when you have a shower.


The windows rattle when a train goes past.

face sth, give a view of sth, look out on sth, overlook sth

a studio with windows looking out on the park

frame, ledge, pane, sill
blind, coverings (AmE), shade (AmE)

I always ask for a window seat when I fly.


He works as a window cleaner.


floral displays such as window boxes and hanging baskets

at the window

He was standing at the window waiting for us.

by the window

I sat by the window to get some air.

in the window

an advertisement in the window of the bakery

We caught sight of him in the window as we passed.

There was a vase of flowers in the window.

out (of) window

She gazed out of the window at the falling snow.

through window

They threw a brick through the window.

2 area on a computer screen

Click on the window to make it active.


If you close a couple of windows, the screen will be less cluttered.

minimize, resize, shrink
drag, move
click on
pop up

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