1 metal as thin thread
fine, thin
flexible, soft
metal, steel, etc.
baling (AmE), barbed, chicken (= wire mesh used to make fences), razor
trip (usually tripwire)

The bomb was attached to a tripwire laid across the road.

high (= in a circus)

One man rode a bicycle along the high wire as the climax to the act.

length, piece, strand
coil, roll

coils of barbed wire


They cut the perimeter wire and escaped.

bend, twist
stretch, string

The wire was stretched between two poles.

be surrounded by, be topped with, be wrapped in

a fence topped with razor wire

mesh, netting (esp. BrE)
basket, brush, cage, fence, fencing, frame, hanger, rack

wire coat hangers

Cool the cakes on a wire rack.

behind a/the wire

Behind the wire, the prisoners were exercising.

under a/the wire

We got in under the wire.

2 for electricity
electric, electrical, electricity (esp. BrE)

Don't place carpets over electrical wires.

overhead electricity wires

earth (BrE), ground (AmE), live, neutral

Don't touch that wire. It's live.

telegraph, telephone
bare, exposed

Watch out for bare wires.

insulated, plastic-coated
copper, silver, etc.
14-gauge, 20-gauge, etc. (esp. AmE)
attach, connect

The wire was attached to a pin in the plug.


He disconnected the wire from the clock.


The electrician ran a wire from the kitchen to the bedroom.

go, lead, run, trail

Where does this wire go?

There were wires trailing everywhere.

dangle, protrude, stick out
along a/the wire, down a/the wire

the flow of electrical current down a wire

a tangle of wires

I found myself tripping over a tangle of wires and cables.

correctly, properly

You should check that the socket is correctly wired.


The components have to be wired together in a certain way.

in, up

She was wired up to a heart monitor.

genetically (figurative)

We're genetically wired to love sugar.


Many homes were wired for lighting only.

into, to

The Christmas tree lights are all wired to one plug.

Wire is used with these nouns as the subject: ↑electrician
Wire is used with these nouns as the object: ↑plug

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